Blast Furnace put out

Outblasted the furnace. Good job guys, on to the big dog.

blast furnace

Iron Maidens down

It’s aboat time…

We’re still recruiting exceptional dps (warlock, rogue, dk) and also 1 tank. If you want to join us in our adventure onto Blackhand but also in Hellfire Citadel. This is your chance.


Operator Thogar derailed

Hah, remember when we were 6/10? Yeah, that train left the station.

Next stop Maidens!


Worst handjob ever

Mythic Kromog down. Well done guys /clap


A Gruulicious end to an awesome week

It’s been a great week, 3 new bosses were killed and we even went back to take care of some unfinished Highmaul business.

Let’s hope this trend continues but it’s looking well!


Everything changed when Flamebender attacked

In only a handfull of tries Flamebender Ka’graz bit the dust.

If you want to join us in our further progression of mythic Blackrock Foundry now is your best chance. There’s still a couple of spots open for the main team, most notably a good resto druid and a mage or shadow priest.


They won’t be back

The Schwarzenegger twins died today. May they rest in peace.


We’re on a roll!

Looks like Oregorger got rolled over. 2/10


Beastlord dismounted

First mythic boss down! On to getting rolled over by Oregorger.


Heroic Blackrock Foundry cleared

Tightly tuned endboss for heroic but down nonetheless. Mythic here we come!

Recruitment is open for all classes, this is your chance to join us in our progress through Blackrock Foundry.