Tonight’s dinner tastes an awful lot like chicken

Iskar couldn’t help but die tonight.


This just in: eternal redefined as “around an evening of wipes”

Socrethar went down pretty fast, nice to be past the Gorefiend wall and meet some easier bosses.


You’ve got a fiend in me

It took us long enough but Gorefiend is finally killed.

Recruitment, as usual, is open for all exceptional players.


He saw this coming I guess?

Kilrogg has been defeated pushing us to 5/13.

Recruitment is currently open for every class. If you’re a reliable person who wishes to progress this tier at a steady pace there’s definitely a spot for you in Entropy.


Reap in peace

Rage never leads to something good, well I guess it did for us.

hellfire council

Trois couleurs: Dead

Second worst handjob ever?

Kormrok kill

Should have gone for the steel armor

Reaver no reaving.

Iron Reaver

Took out the trash

Our first adventure in Mythic Hellfire Citadel and first boss down.

Recruitment is currently open for a druid/monk healer. Preferably people with a good dps off spec.  Apart from that any exceptional dps will be looked into.

Blast Furnace put out

Outblasted the furnace. Good job guys, on to the big dog.

blast furnace

Iron Maidens down

It’s aboat time…

We’re still recruiting exceptional dps (warlock, rogue, dk) and also 1 tank. If you want to join us in our adventure onto Blackhand but also in Hellfire Citadel. This is your chance.